Service Projects


1. First Project –  Share a Meal at Ronald McDonald House


Congratulations to Isabella Thomas and Amanda Wysocki who worked hard to find the perfect SILVER Project to benefit our community.  They came up with many ideas that were all great and would have impacted our community, but Girl Scouts has HIGH standards for our girls to meet.  On the 4th try, their project finally got approved!  Their project was to provide meal relief and fun for families at Ronald McDonald House.  One of the requirements of Silver is that the project has a sustainability Factor – which means that the girls educate the public about this project.  Both Isabella and Amanda did a great job sharing in the community with their friends and with parents’ friends at school and youth groups about Ronald McDonald House, but they came up with the idea to put it on our Troop website!  So when you are browsing, please think of the families that are in crisis with their children and are absolutely max’d out . . . they can use your helping hands to prepare a meal for them and their children.  Thank you Amanda & Isabella!  

Visit Here to Learn More:

or Contact:  (954) 828-1822 or send an email to Nicole Harris at

We are called to be servants . . .

One of the cornerstones of Girl Scouts is developing leadership.  Our girls look for opportunities to serve the community.

Some examples of our projects:

     l Thanksgiving Outreach Food Baskets
     l Christmas Caroling at John Knox Village
     l A Toy and Clothing Drive to benefit local children (31 kids in 2010 and over 60 in 2011)
          where we wrapped and delivered gifts on Christmas eve to kids in need — visit
     l   Community Outreach . . . Love Out Loud in conjunction with Calvary Chapel
           Fort Lauderdale
     l Resurrection Eggs
     l Love Bags for the Homeless
     l Sewing for Moms and Babies in need
     l Supporting Animal Aid, a local charity dedicated to abandoned and hurt

The cool thing is that girls come up with ways to help and they see the impact that one person and a group of young
girls can have on challenges facing our community now.

They are serving with joy, love and gaining confidence that they can tackle whatever comes their way.

Our moms and leaders are very proud of them!

We Washed Cars and Much More to Donate over $450 to Animal Aid

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